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Toyota Transportation Co., Ltd.

logo Here Established on 25 December 1952, presently having 35 sales offices & 7 branch offices.

logo Here Toyota Transportation is into the business of new CBU transportation manufactured by Toyota using vehicle transportation.

logo Here Toyota Transportation is also into the business of Auto parts & other services related to new CBU.

logo Here Toyota Transportation through its overseas business divisions caters in other countries like Thailand, China, India & Argentina.

Toyota Transportation follows the policy of

Local & global communities by environment protection & Road safety with customer first approach, coexistence & co prosperity with business partners, mutual trust & responsibility to employees & increasing corporate value through long stable growth.

As an activity to the driver community Toyota Transportation

Continuous training to drivers through its training program called TLEP, holding drivers contest once a year to enhance safety driving mentality & improvement of the driving skill of the drivers.

Improvement of driver's working condition

As a logistics provider Toyota Transportation has a business know how for complete logistics activity from line off at a factory to the customer.

Toyota Transportation also has expertise in marine transportation with the ship for exclusive use of CBU.